A Path Forward In Times Of Trouble

When facing criminal charges, the future often seems scary and uncertain. A conviction could mean jail time and steep fines. The charges alone could cost you your job or your standing in the community.

The reassuring news is that you may have more legal options than you realize. You might be able to have charges dismissed, reduced or successfully fight the allegations in court. Understanding and taking advantage of your options begins with hiring the right attorney. In Salem, the attorney to call is Walter J. Todd, PC.

Criminal Defense

From minor traffic offenses to DUIIs, trust your case to a lawyer with nearly four decades of experience

Going Above And Beyond For Clients

Walter J. Todd has extensive trial experience. He began the first years of his career as a prosecutor and has been practicing criminal defense ever since. His knowledge and skill have been consistently recognized by clients, peers and legal industry organizations.

We pride ourselves on service to clients. When you contact our firm, you can expect open and prompt communication and clear explanations. We return phone calls, emails and texts! We understand that this is a difficult time for you and can also be trying on your family. We will keep you informed and involved about the status of your case and explore any course of action available.


- Douglas S

“If you have a serious legal allegation or charge against you – you want and need the BEST representation available. Walter J Todd is the best. He is the consummate professional in his field of law, respected by both his peers and the State’s Judicial advocates. His intelligence, work ethic and legal mind, tempered by years of experience, command his field of law.”

- Charlene

“Walter is the best criminal lawyer in Salem, OR if not in the state. Because of his genuine. amazing ethical character, he is well liked holding a high reputation in the legal community. He treated me with respect, making me feel valued.
Walter went above and beyond to get me out of prison, but most of all set me up with a community of people where I got help and was able to get my life back on track.”

- Amy W

“Walter is easy to work with, and he and his team are incredibly responsive. He is well respected, extremely knowledgeable about DUII laws and issues, and was reassuring without over promising. I have made some really stupid decisions, but hiring Mr. Todd was the best decision I ever made”

-Diane H

“Walter J. Todd professionally attended to the legal matters in my criminal case. He listened attentively to the details, and resolved the issue most favorably for me in court. This was done when some other legal advice had been presented to me as potentially leading to an outcome which would be dubious, at best. I was extremely satisfied with Mr. Todd’s work, which was done professionally, efficiently, and quickly. I highly recommend Mr. Todd requiring work in the field of criminal law.”

Discuss Your Rights And Legal Options

With an office in Salem, Oregon, Walter J. Todd, PC represents clients throughout the surrounding area. To schedule your consultation with a respected criminal defense attorney, call us at 503-588-3088 or send us an email.